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Thanks to everyone who came out to 81 Bay games space sex this evening for some well-chosen time of day drinks and camaraderie We always enjoy spending time with totally of you inside and exterior of the gymnasium

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Meanwhile, along the road to the Eyrie, the Hound games space sex and Arya are ambushed past Biter and Rorge, the deuce other prisoners World Health Organization were being transported to the Wall with Jaqen when Arya was traveling with Yoren’s ring of Night’s Watch recruits in mollify 2. The Hound kills Biter afterwards he (surprise) bites him along the neck and Arya stabs Rorge in the spirit after making him let on his make so she can formally total IT to her bolt down list. Later, the Hound confirms that his disfiguration was caused by his comrade, the Mountain, holding his face to a open fire when they were small boys.

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